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February 11, 2011
Dear Friends,

Throughout this tax season I will be sending out important updates to help you file your 2010 taxes. Please forward this email to your friends and encourage them to sign up for my newsletter to keep informed. Also, don't forget that this year's tax filing date deadline is April 18, 2011. Scroll down to learn more information about Free Tax Preparation.


Rangel on Egypt and Joblessness

Feb. 11, 2011 - Congressman Rangel speaks on the commitment to creating jobs in the 15th District and across America, as well as the significance of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's resignation.

Celebrate National Black History Month
New Guest Blog:
Joannie W.

"...At the same time that we honor the great civilizations of the past and those who have come before us paving the way for social justice, we also honor our everyday unsung heroes who make a difference"...more

Let's celebrate National Black History Month together. Submit a blog entry about what Black History Month means to you and I will post it on the Guest Blog section of my new site!

Remember to tell your family and friends to share their stories as well!

You can check out the Guest Blog and see what others wrote here.

GAO Reveals Cost Benefit of Health Reform
"...Today’s report confirms why health reform is so vital to seniors and people with disabilities. Beginning in 2014 health insurance companies will be required to offer decent value for Medicare beneficiaries and taxpayers."…more

Rep. Rangel at the Harlem AIDS Center Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.
Rangel Hails Efforts to Raise Black HIV Awareness
"...It is abundantly clear that the spread of HIV/AIDS is a serious epidemic. I applaud the efforts of local organizations, such as the Harlem AIDS Center, that are at the forefront of combating this deadly disease. I also would like to emphasize the need to focus attention, not only on the prevention, but on the recovery of those infected. It’s so important, because life has to go on. And we have to help one another to overcome difficulties."…more

Rangel Honors NY's Oldest Black-Owned Flower Shop
Congressman Charles B. Rangel joined community and elected leaders Friday in celebrating the 72nd anniversary of the Carolina Flower Shop Too, the oldest black-owned flower shop in New York City…more


FOX Business with David Asman

Click above to watch Congressman Rangel's interview

Rep. Rangel on the Benefits of the Health-Care Law

Feb 9, 2011
Rep. Charlie Rangel defends Health Care Reform to David Asman.

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